Friday, 8 October 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday: Where do you wish to grow your confidence?

Wishcasting Wednesday: Where do you wish to grow your confidence? 

“Do the thing that scares you the most. 
By doing it, you’ll give birth to your life’s promise 
and unearth your buried dreams.”

Confidence is something that I am greatly lacking at the moment, so a dash of it in any aspect of my life would be very much appreciated dear universe! I am feeling very much like the Cowardly Lion at the beginning of the Wizard of Oz, who feels he cannot live up to his expectations of being the  king of the beasts. He worries and worries and worries some more, he lets the fear take over. For me confidence is very much linked to courage so I wish for myself to have a little courage, a little faith in myself.
I wish to grow in confidence in my creative abilities. I accept that I am on an amazing learning journey and that it will take time to find my voice. However I wish to mindfully celebrate my daily creations, instead of always wanting perfection, of always wanting to move on.
In connection with this I wish to have the courage to stop comparing myself to others, to have the strength to cherish the awe inspiring friends and mentors I am fortunate enough to have, instead of telling myself those negative stories of how I will never be as amazing as they are. If only I could see the magic in myself as easily as I see it in others!
Lastly I wish to grow in confidence in my quest to dream big. I chose DREAM BIG as my theme for this year; it has woven in and out of each season, sometimes passionately strong, sometimes whispering when I succumb to every day life, with its promise of safety and control. My greatest challenge so far this year is starting on Monday, when the Alchemy writing course begins. Writing is my my biggest dream of all, the one I also have the least confidence in. I wish to let my words sparkle, to love the words that are part of being me...


  1. What a beautiful wish! I heard about the Alchemy class but I am doing the artist way and ten other things-so I decided to sit out. I think you are headed in the direction of your dreams already and that is beautiful.
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you. Peace!

  2. As you wish for yourself, I lovingly wish for you as well~

    In reading your post, I saw myself in your words. I, too need to trust in myself and in my abilities, my creativity and to stop comparing myself to others. It's something that comes and goes, but I would like it to stay with me all the time~

  3. Trusting our-self enough to take the first step is the hardest part.

    I enjoyed skipping through your blog and I will be're doing a great job. i love your artwork.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you.

  4. Here's hoping you find much satisfaction and encouragement in this writing course.
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you, also.

  5. I love the words of your wish & feel my own would follow a similar path. Wishing you much happiness on your path of discovery x ps thank you so for the kind words on my blog x

  6. Oh, Milena - how I empathise! It's always easier to see the magic in other people; so hard not to compare ourselves (unfavourably, of course!) with others; so hard to take pleasure in our creations for what they are and not criticise them for what they're not. And as for the big writing dream...

    I wish you oodles of confidence. I wish you deep satisfaction in your creating. I wish you a wonderful ride on the Alchemy course. I wish for golden, sparkling, sun-kissed words to come tumbling out of you. I wish for you to see yourself as others see you - lovely and inspiring.