Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Art Saves

I have the most wonderful blogger friend called Lis, though we have never met I do consider her to be a kindred spirit, for when she writes, paints or takes photographs it is like she is speaking for my soul also. Every week she poses a weekly reflection question for herself and I have been meaning to join her since the beginning of the year. Whilst I silently reflect each week, reading her thoughtful, intelligent insights,this week I am going to put myself out there and join in.

This week’s question is more of a statement:

Art Saves.

For me this statement is true on so many levels so here is what creativity means to me:

Childhood Creativity

In my childhood art was something, which I felt so intrinsically belonged to me that I could escape into it during the tough times and show my joy in the good times; when I was in my art zone I felt really good about myself, safe, bright and full of colour. I remember drawing happily for hours on end whilst visiting my grandparents, creating lively happy pieces, reflecting the joyful me. This creativity was completely nurtured by my aunt, who took me to my many requested museums, showed me art colonies and bought me that first vital art book on Renoir, which I poured over hours on end, stunned by the light and sheer beauty. The art of others has always fed my imagination as far back as I remember, even the small me dreamt, was inspired to aim high, aspired to be the most creative human being I could be through the art that I saw.On the flip side I also remember retreating with my creative tools to escape not so great times back at home, where art gave me my wings to fly away, to imagine myself in a better place. I only wish I had kept some of my early creations, as that child needed her art to be seen.

Although I really wanted to blend in with my peers as an overweight, intelligent child in an inner city primary school, when it came to art it felt good to be me and I liked people to see my creations. Art allowed me, the introvert teenager, to express myself even further. When in doubt there was a pencil and sketch pad in my hand. I wasn’t very sure of myself as a teenager; I was the listener, the people watcher (even more so than I am now) but when I was creating I felt I had a voice; being creative was the time when I was willing to put myself out there, when I took the risk to want to be understood.

Adult Creativity

As an adult art has given me the gift of being able to see the beauty in the world and to be a part of that beauty. As well as this it has given me the opportunity tosee/understand other human beings’ perspectives on life. It is so important to see and feel the beauty in life, on a larger scale but also in the every day small moments, for I believe we are in danger, through the daily media, of only digesting the troubles of the world, of being swallowed by the darker side of human nature as well being led to ignore the magnificence of the natural world around us. For me art is beauty, light, colour, texture, mother nature, the every day moments of creative, of love: art is a way to connect to the world and to live life to its full potential. Be it looking through a lens of a camera or swirling paint on a page, art has taught me to celebrate. When I look at someone else’s creative interpretation it opens whole new worlds of thought processes and delights in my mind; this makes me grow as a person,; I am able to see the magical diversity of the world and also to feel united with my fellow creators. Through digesting the art of others I can try to understand them also and isn’t understanding a concept that should be nurtured in this modern world?

Also when I am being the artist within, it is a way of understanding myself, getting to know myself, a time to spend precious time with myself. Art can be something deeply personal, and I think that if we can understand and like ourselves we can serve our families, our friends and our communities so much more.

Art has been my adventure as an adult. When I create now, I create to celebrate myself and the world. Through my art I wish to be understood, through the creativity of others I wish to understand.