Saturday, 20 October 2012

the poeming has begun

There could be no better way to kickstart my writing practice than to dive into Liz Lameroux's More Poem It Out course. Here is my first offering, in which I attempt to capture my passion for the beginning of a new day, a time that is mine alone.


knistering flames stretch eagerly into the still frigid air
where each breath is framed for an instant
as the radiators rattle to life.
tendrils of luminescence, the spices of sunrise unfurl,
their gutsy scent an invitation.
i sit at the worn oak of my desk, my north,
with each indentation, scratch and stain
a crooked, rooted truth.
distracted for a moment by a feline engine,
i allow satin bristles to gather between my fingers
and a sandpaper tongue rasps reply.
i cradle a scolding mouthful of smoked, golden elixir
and wait as it breathes vigour into a shattered self,
depleted by standing firmly in this life.
left from the morning before, a pen of silver lining,
a chalice able to turn frantic scribbly thoughts
into strong, inked lines and curves,
rests, signposting the potential of an unmarked sheet.
it is time.

Friday, 12 October 2012

A new home...

Dear Friends,

Gosh, here it is, my new blog home.Freshly painted and organised, I think I am going to love it here at This Life. My intention is to look at the stories of my life through words, art and photography, in more depth than I have committed to before and also with regular practice. I tend to be a jack of all trades and master of none in the creative sphere, dipping in here and there but never really focusing my whole attention for any substantial time. I intend for this to change, for this space to be a simple way of exploring my storyteller self. Stories are my roots, they are ways of finding truth, beauty and understanding and they are a most powerful means of connection to each other, to the world around us. Will you join my on this new path of my journey? I hope so from the bottom of my heart.

Milena xxx

Friday, 14 September 2012

Back to the connection

Sometimes I find that it is best to just hold up your hands and admit that life got in the way of a project, that it is time to let that project go, instead of letting that unfinishedness turn into taunting - another endless item on the to do list. I fully intended to follow through the August Break Project, in fact I do have the photos for the last weeks but never got round to the haiku and the posting. It has been a bit of a rocky summer (understatement), one that I would rather move on from into my beloved autumn, and because of this I had to put aside a few creative hats for a while.  

And of course, the longer I've stayed away from blogging, the more intimidating that return post has become for me, an affliction I am sure many of you are also acquainted with. So I choose to begin again, without reproach and should haves, it simply is what it is. I will however share a few of the left over photos with you, just because I like them and wish to put them out there into the world.

In the last days of August I...

managed a few moments of self care...

felt the grass between my toes...

tended to my garden sanctuary...

welcomed the small moments of light...

explored nourishing comfort food...

finally purchased that reading chair...

created a foxy canvas bag, a present to myself...

and finally, travelled to see a kindred spirit.

Monday, 20 August 2012

August Break. 12th-19th.

Day 12.
ethereal beacon.
companion of the sleepless.
jewel of solitude.

Day 13.
the clatter of shattered nerves
bewilder all thought.

Day 14.
two hearts wide open.
fierce understanding connects.
together we heal.

Day 15.
uncertain black lines
appear with difficulty
a strong will persists.

Day 16.
oh to be an aunt!
roaring, delightful spirits
have stolen my heart.

Day 17.
worn threadbare today.
head and heart lay crestfallen.
aloof fog presides.

Day 18.
crumbled into jars,
the heady scent of lavender
remains reachable.

Day 19.
her ruby wings sing
be present in this moment
such beauty surrounds.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

August Break. Days 6 to 11.

Day 6.

proud and with much grace,
pink dancing ballerinas
weave in soft ruffles.

Day 7.

reminders surround.
speak the words out loud.
let them nest inside.

Day 8.

strung sequins reach out
into a day of dull clouds.
my footsteps guide me.

Day 9.

a long time ago
the story housed in my mind
spoke, "you cannot bake."

Day 10.

glance in the mirror.
confident layers of purple.
a stranger stares back.

Day 11.

vision and spirit.
intense woman of colours.
storyweaver soul.

(about Frida Kahlo)

Monday, 6 August 2012

August Break. Days 3, 4 and 5

Day 3.

strong, fierce, passionate.
finder of wondrous items,
turns world upside down.

Day 4.

myself reflected.
bold fortress of rich beauty.
roots spread deep and wide.

Day 5.

just me this early,
savouring spoons full of light.
time to breathe deeply.