Thursday, 21 October 2010

Soft animals

Wishcasting Wednesday:
What does the soft animal of your body wish for?
“Sometimes we really do need to protect our tender desires. It can be tough out there and they may not be ready to brave the cold. But sometimes we can turn the light of that desire down so much that we forget it’s there. This is a tragedy. We lose our loves. We lose ourselves. We get lost and forget who we are. And the world loses our unique compilations of loves: the gorgeousness of country music, wisteria and sushi; the delight of minimalism, Doc Marten’s and Shakespeare. Our wildly unique loves are where our authenticity lives.”
The vibrant mixure of the above compilation spoke to my heart, in fact it bought tears to me eyes. I am going through such a phase of transition, rediscovering my older passions, discovering a multitude of new ones,  and realising that I am allowed to love what is close to my heart and that indeed it doesn’t at all matter to me what people think of me anymore. I used to be so frightened of people’s negative comments, their opinions I valued much higher than my own. I lived to please others, to fit in, to feel ‘normal’. What normal was, I haven’t a clue, but it was soul destroying not to feel part of that popular crowd, forever feeling I had to change or work harder to resemble the popular people in my little corner of the world. This theme tune followed me through childhood, adolescence and deeply into adulthood. The thing is that now the rebel in me is beginning to find her voice, finding her feet. She is allowing herself to love the juxtaposition of Doc Martens and Shakespeare. So here I am...
I am hands covered in paint and an organisation addict.
I follow cosy murder mysteries and  drink in the Bronte sisters avidly.
I support myself in cosy walking attire and love  rich, magical, tie died purpleness.
I am a Leo in the limelight and crave solitude.
I lose myself in soft Celtic melodies and dance to the energy of rock.
I am a thirsty learner and deeply need stillness.
I am pretty flowered shoes and furry slippers.
I am me. 
This is who I wish to be.
The title of this wishcasting question is taken of the Mary Oliver poem Wild Geese
You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” 
The soft animal of my body is now off to the blessed sanctuary of a bookshop, tingling senses whispering that Oliver is a kindred spirit.


  1. This is so beautiful!

    I so get the trying-to-fit-in/be-normal-thingy, the inner rebellion, the vulnerability of all of it.

    You rock!

  2. I love the newly-confident you in that photograph. Shines from your eyes. Just love it.


  3. Your words sound like you have held a mirror up to me and just written. Just written. How oddly wonderful.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! WISH WISH WISH! Hugging hugging hugging the soft animal of my body.

  4. Have just discovered lots of posts that Mr Blogger has been hiding from me! Love your new profile picture, and I'll be supporting your rebellion all the way! Go girl!

  5. you are so much my kind of gal!

    and i haven't mentioned how much i love the look of this blog and especially the stuffed cuties in the banner!

    as Milena wishes and dreams and manifests for herself, so i wholehearted wish and support and encourage her also.

    i loved my doc martens. fantastic shoes for retail feet!
    xo lis