Friday, 16 March 2012

Outside of the lines

Prompt: Outside the lines

I struggled with this week's prompt (understatement). For, at the moment, I don't have a lot of self belief in my ability to colour outside the lines. In fact, as my haiku says, I am also strangely craving the opposite. Thus, after sitting with myself for quite some time, not being able to come up with a plan for my image - this has never happened to me before during this project- and feeling consequently most frustrated,  I decided to  go with what I feel in this moment. The truth doesn't always fit with what I would like to be happening ;)


  1. But - I think you often color outside the lines. Do you know the term "monkey mind"? I've been thinking a lot about it recently - how it sometimes curbs my creativity. I guess what I want to say is - don't judge yourself too harshly, Milena.

  2. by steering away from what you or others thought this 'outside the lines' prompt meant...perhaps you are indeed outside the lines...

    your image and haiku are lovely.