Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Animal magic

Yesterday I visited a zoo for the first time and felt quite apprehensive about it, as I am passionate about promoting the independence of wild animals I have always seen the lines of keeping them in a limited area in various shades of grey. However, I was also curious to see what this zoo was doing in terms of conservation and protection, and had heard lots of positives about the work going on there. I can honestly say that I left a huge part of my heart at Twycross; I felt a fierce connection with each new animal I got to know. I sensed playfulness, contentment and security in them as well as a strong sense of purpose, respect and commitment in the human beings caring for them. 

Here are a few of the many moments I enjoyed:

Visually, I was most in awe of the elephant trail, so beautifully and authentically constructed, with its own Ganesh temple at its heart. Although I have always liked elephants I had never understood their sheer grace until the moment I had the magical opportunity to observe them. Simply stunning.

I leave you with this little fellow,an endangered woolly monkey of the Amazon, stole my heart so completely. I am saving the pennies for an adoption package so I can go and visit him again and support the zoo's hard work. 


  1. these are awesome, i love that first one for some reason.

  2. animal magic is right!
    as well, milena magic!
    gorgeous photos! soooo
    touching!!!!!!! xox

  3. Hi Milena, As usual, your photos set the scene so well and through them, I can feel the soul of the animals.