Friday, 17 June 2011


Do you know what I mean by having a muddled kind of day? The kind that begins without the slightest spark of energy but with many an item on the never ending to do list? The kind where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find even one clear headed moment, when everything is slightly fuzzy and distant? Well that was me today. In a major way.  I think I am just extremely tired at the moment ( all suggestions on how to help me actually get a good night’s sleep are greatly received) but I’ve have managed to somehow run on a near enough empty fuel tank until this morning. I felt like hiding under my duvet, like a tortoise in her shell, waiting for it to be friendlier out there. 

However, after realising that the coffee was not going to make itself and magically appear in a steaming mug by my bedside, I did get up. And you know what, I find so often that the initial small step of doing something, anything, however mundane, is often enough to break that need to hide. 
I got up, banished my usual higher than high expectations and surprise, I got so much done. It didn’t matter that the tasks were so ordinary, it just felt good to be moving, to be completing something. 
I decided to take photos along the way, knowing that I didn’t have any developed ideas for this week’s post, thinking that maybe something would jump out at me as I snapped away. By the time I uploaded my shots I realised that today is an ordinary day, not one of those sparkly, inspired days, but a grounded day. 
Life is in the detail. And that is worth acknowledging too. A gem of clarity out of the midst of muddledness. I leave you with this wonderful quote, which seems to say it all today:
“If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.”
 ~Toni Morrison


  1. I love how your day turned out. So many times I wake up feeling that same way and now I have your post to inspire me to just keep moving! Thanks :)

  2. Love your photos, especially the first! They are looking good!

  3. I've been feeling that way too lately...muddle headed.
    But your lovely photos turned it into a rather nice blog post...the ordinary is good too :)

    I must stop by here more blog reading time has been sadly neglected :(

  4. i looooove that toni morrison quote!!!!!
    & that dishwasher photo is BEAUTIFUL!
    such inspiration out of the muddle!

  5. Ah, dear friend the answer is simple: Italy! Okay, so I am pretending I am still in Italy, trying not to envision doing anything more than eating a delicious breakfast and strolling through my day. The to-do list must be burned! Siestas instated, wine mandatory and limited distractions (just the view and if that isn't appealing, a good book.)

    I was completely muddle-headed and now floating on a bubble. I know this won't last, but am hoping to keep compulsive busyness at bay. Hugs to you ... your photographs are amazing!
    xo Lis

  6. such amazing photos! I LOVE THEM ALL.I hope your head is clear to partly cloudy these days!! xoxoxo