Friday, 11 February 2011


Hello my lovelies! I know I have been quiet on the blogging front; January was rather a difficult month in many respects, and I simply found myself needing to hibernate, conserve energy and to have a good long think about where I want this creative life to take me this year. Even my word for 2011 has taken this long to emerge, but I am learning patience. Slowly but most surely the word CONNECTION emerged out of the mists of my mind.

CONNECTION for me has many layers. 
In 2010 I dipped  my toes into so many creative projects. I learned to paint, to art journal, to take photographs and unravel,  I played with words, nurtured my blog,  and toyed with the idea of a creative business. This year I want to take all that to a much higher level. I wish to commit myself and thrive. I wish for happiness and success. In order for that to happen I need to be mindful, to connect one hundred percent  with the task at hand. Whilst working my way through Goddess Leonie's gorgeous 2011 planner I was asked what goals I want to achieve this year. The answer came loud and clear that I want to make a creative business happen for myself. 
So I’ve begun to brainstorm

I’ve begun reading the very insightful 

And I am committing myself to connecting with this blog much more fully this year. I want to make myself accountable, to write on a weekly basis, to show you more of this wonderful creative journey. As you can hopefully see I can already feel the momentum picking up as I clutch onto that word connection. Watch this space...
*Nurturing relationships.
I am an introvert, I don’t find relationships and friendships easy but those who I hold dear are so very important to me. I wish to connect more intensely with those I love, admire and respect. I want to see more of them, to be more aware of them, to treasure them more mindfully than before. Not only do I want to work on long existing relationships but also to nurture new friendships.  In 2010  I was lucky enough to meet some amazingly creative ladies online and this was such a new, liberating experience for me - I wish to connect more deeply with this rich, powerful, tribe as surrounding myself with like minded creatives has been an inspiration and a revelation. I am reminded time and time again of how short and precious life is, I wish to celebrate the goodness within it. 
*My spiritual self, my soul,  that intuitive goddess within.
I feel a real pull to that Sacred Feminine (as the truly insightful Creating Wings describes it) and I feel really excited by the possibilities. Little altars are appearing everywhere...

To finish with today I would like to share two images with you. You see, I have been learning some photo shop basics with the amazing Kim Klassen; this woman has so much knowledge to share and she is such an amazing teacher. I am not naturally inclined towards the world of technology but the way in which she shares her wisdom is simply magical. I am taking baby steps but am rather proud of my first results ( she types smiling).


  1. Beautiful post Melina! I love all your images! Great job with Photoshop too
    I am so excited for your creative journey and love glad to stay connected with you!! xoxo Tammy

  2. Love this post Milana, love where you are heading, I can't wait to see you soar.
    I also feel that pull to the sacred feminine.


  3. I am just LOVING your blog design. Beautiful!! xo

  4. Beautiful dear Milena! I am excited because I know your creativity and insights and vision will be a HUGE injection of inspiration into this world - you shine so brightly dear one, I am happy to know you are trusting it is safe to share that light with others.

    OMG - your photo of the kitty paw prints in the snow coupled with your words? I love seeing how poetry infuses your perspective and your creative style. Oh, good things my friend, good things. You know I am cheering you on ... because I want you beside me :)

    Okay, weekly tea parties my dear? I will be holding you accountable.

    xo Lis

  5. Oh dear friend ... I am so excited for all of us! You have such a beautiful voice and vision ... I cannot wait to see more in the new year. And your kitty paw prints in the snow with your words? Magical. I love how your poetic voice can be seen in words and in images ... you have such a gift it is definitely time to put it out there! Plus, I want you here beside me :)
    So, weekly tea parties? I will be keeping you accountable :)

    I am so so thrilled to be traveling this path with you ... doesn't goddess school seem so long ago? Look at you ... photoshopping, sketchbook project, painting ... yes, powerful things are brewing. Grab that Athena shield and hang on!

    Much love,
    xo Lis

  6. Hi Milena, You HAVE been busy both thinking and creating. You Blog just pops with energy. You have talent to share. The paw prints in the snow are a good metaphor for you - follow their lead...

  7. Really excited at the possibilities that lie ahead of you, Milena. Go for it! I know you're going to soar.

    P.S. And would love to connect with you more...

  8. I am so touched by your musings. Love your texta word art and your gentle voice.