Friday, 18 December 2009

Travelling Dream Chair

Safely floating in the warm enveloping arms of my chair of dreams:
Adorned with glittering sequins, precious stones exuding strength,
A plethora of fabrics, each telling their own magical story,
A whispering treasure chest of possibilities, ever changing yet still familiar.
Dizzying heights of adventure as I allow my spirit to roar,
Saying farewell to that white rabbit in Wonderland, clutching its timepiece so possessively.

I drink in my dream, every colour, every sound, every touch,
A pioneer of my own truth, free I laugh out loud.

Meandering safely to the ground, I this time hold on tightly to my chair,
Must I push it back into its hidden place, away from critical eyes?
No, it will today take pride of place, an inspiration, a lesson to be learned,
A connection between the two halves of myself.



  1. I read your poem when I awoke this morning in snowy Breckenridge, CO. It will be my "One Good Thing" to start the day. I have such a chair,too, Milena. Priceless!

  2. Oh, I love this! Especially the last verse ... a wonderful expression of claiming your power and owning control over your dreams. Really beautiful!

    And it is snowy here too and this is the first thing I read this morning :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog ... I forgot to put the link for seasons Exchange (it is worldwide) and here is the info:

    here is my arm chair poem

    I love seeing how you interpret the writing prompts ... such wonderful variety. thank you for inspiring me ... this is an overwhelming time and i feel my spirit being called to create but will have to sneak in what i can when i can. so reading your poem is keeping the flame alive for me. ♥