Monday, 28 December 2009

Dream Patrol

A flower lamp shines softy.
Omniscient stars glitter, winking, keeping watch.
The mellow honeyed bouquet of sunset warms my weary mind to its core.
Nocturnal followers in their finery whisper their chants to the moon goddess.
The blanket of moss I nap beneath a second skin, I purr contently in my natural refuge.
Gently, with such grace, the dream patrol fairy cradles my head,
Protectress of the glistening treasures of my dreams, she banishes The Darkness.
Shielded, I dare to dream.



  1. Wonderful! Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  2. oooo ... lovely lovely images ... dream patrol a fantastic thought ... and you are daring and sharing such wonderful dreams.

    Happy New Year!

    Mwah! - lis

  3. Hi Melina, I find both your image and your words mesmerizing. I like the "honeyed bouquet of sunset" and the sepia of the photo - each suggests a dreamy, peaceful interlude.