Sunday, 17 June 2012

i begin; i am

Today I am finally giving myself the time to immerse myself in the first week of Liz Lameroux's Inner Excavate-along,  a free read along project in line with her gorgeous book Inner Excavation, where each week holds a new chapter on exploring yourself through photography, poetry and mixed media. Liz has  prepared many juicy extras online, I can't believe how hard this lady works, and is excavating her own dig site along side us, therefore this feels like a really personal and authentic exploration. 

Of course I was always going to start with the poetry prompt (she types winking).

i am {a poem list}
clunking typewriter keys
kirsch soaked cherries
a determined flicker
an unlikely heroin
careful plaits
a hidden Charleston
black and white film
ebb and flow 
a tortoise shell
embroidered pride 
camomile infusions
folded edge pages
a cluttered sky 
patched scars
creases and wrinkles 
whispering frontiers
an island home
scribbles in margins
mending tape
isolated coastlines
shadow and reflection
academic embers
a pair of binoculars
forged words


  1. Folded edge pages. Love it.

  2. Oh, we are soul sisters! I had forgotten that as a child I would braid my hair really tight! If the braids loosened, I would have to redo them. I wonder ... if that was my need for feeling secure and held?

    So happy you are sharing yourself ... I look forward to sharing what we find in our mutual dirt piles :)

    xo Lis

    oh, and I believe your niece has very sage advice on living ... although i do believe you can pound mistaken puzzle pieces into place if such allows you to move on! Always a new picture to piece together :)

  3. Just came from "Show and Tell" section on Liz's blog. I loved all your words, and I'm glad you shared your poem and photo. I am a little shy to share my 'Inner Excavation' work on my blog as well--a stretching experience for sure! Thanks for being brave.

  4. I love the folded edge pages description. The whole thing is good! Enjoying this journey.