Thursday, 19 January 2012

Colour with emotion

Colour with Emotion

My house is full of rainbows of colour, I'm also gradually  investing in a wardrobe of garments that match and express my moods. I take photos with abandon when it comes to capturing the deliciousness of colour. And therefore this could well have been such a bright and delightful photograph. But the truth this week is that I am not feeling it, instead the subtleties of grey have held my attention. Grey largely because I haven't been feeling well in body and mind. But strangely I have also found that grey doesn't only have a negative association, for I  also mean grey in the sense of  looking closely how even delicate shades of grey tell their stories in the skies, in the light inside and out. And as I take more and more grey toned/black and white photographs, I find my love for this medium of photography is growing.

I pulled this  out of the depths of my iphoto library. I took it when I was just beginning to explore photography with a basic point and shoot. I've never put it out there as it isn't technically the best, however it encapsulates my emotion at this point in time perfectly- everything has a purpose even if you have to wait a while for the purpose to become clear ;)


  1. thank you for sharing both your photo and your thoughts . . .

  2. The lines of the branches and the upturned profile of the bird do make this photo interesting. I also like the color.