Saturday, 26 November 2011

Giving thanks...the purple edition

The prompt over at 52 Projects is Giving Thanks. There are many people and many things I could give thanks for in the post, and so making it quite difficult to rest my focus. As I sat and thought, and thought, and thought some more, I became aware of how I am loving the small,every day moments, which weave the fabric of our lives so richly and so intricately. The photo I have chosen is no ordinary ball of wool, no, it is a jewel of incredible beauty. It is a reminder to myself that just sometimes I am in fact allowed to think beyond the practical ( for it was the most expensive wool on the shelf and my purse doesn't contain many pennies a the moment) and to just enjoy my senses. Its hues of purpleness and its softer than soft textures made my spirit sing. And do you know what, when I got home I dug out a set of knitting needles that I had been given as a present once upon a time. I shall take my first knitting steps.

Before I finish I must include this shot of a spirit protector I created this week, for oh how she too made my spirit sing. Once again the purple softness shines!


  1. Your "jewel" yarn reminded me of "The Dive from Clausen's Pier" (which I reviewed in my sidebar). The main character loves beautiful fabric and sometimes splurges even though she feels she can't afford it. It gives her such pleasure to work with beautiful material. May your spirit protector be ever vigilant on your behalf.

  2. I love your interpretations, and your images too. What a fab project to be involved in. thank you for visiting my blog, the lovely comment you left & for understanding x Good luck with the knitting!

  3. Oh, how did I miss this?!

    I love your purple spirit protector! How I wish I could zip over with knitting needles in hand and sit with you and talk talk talk.

    Yes, purple - the color of the third eye chakra - wisdom - yes, she becomes you! (I smile as I think about serendipity being purple ...)

    xo Lis