Friday, 23 September 2011


A very late entry this week due to the first cold of the Autumn term leaving me zapped of energy. The theme this week is red, which coincides quite nicely with the  shoes I treated myself to last weekend. Red shoes are a big deal for me, as I  yearned for a pair of shiny red shoes throughout my childhood. You see, my shoes always had to be of the sensible variety;I certainly wasn't a girly girl where pretty shoes would have matched even sweeter outfits and there wasn't enough money to buy anything just because you liked it- everything had to be practical and last a long time. I don't know why  I wanted red shoes, perhaps exactly because they would have been an adventure, a stepping out of the ordinary. Thus, as I walked past those shoes I heard them shout out in glee. Carpe diem ( seize the day) I thought.  I ignored those voices that told me that I was being frivolous, that I wasn't feminine enough. 

Shiny red shoes, just for me. Because I like them!


  1. I too wanted a pair of red shoes, and I may have had some at one point, but I think they were sandals with a crepe sole and definitely not shiny! I always think of Dorothy when I see red shoes, and relate them to singing!

  2. this photo is beautiful/inspiring.
    & i love your shoes & even better love the reason for selecting like them!!
    brilliant! xox