Friday, 22 April 2011

Simple pleasures

Just a quick post today as I am intent on exploring the glorious April sunshine! I can honestly say that I have never experienced an Easter holiday like this, it is making my spirits soar and it is all the sweeter after such a terribly cold, long lasting winter.  In fact I’ve been blessed with quite a marvelous week altogether, packed to the brim with simple loveliness;I am feeling more light hearted than I have in a very long time...
I’ve spent time with my gorgeous nieces this week. The oldest one, Summer, calls me Auntie Moon, which makes me chuckle every time as I am not sure where the name came from, but I love the idea of being a moon auntie!

I’ve also spent time delving into the wonderful world of Folksy, honoring my quest this year to buy as many presents as I can by supporting creatives rather than giving mainstream shops my money. I’ve discovered some amazing artists in the process, you must take a look at these:
The bowl in my opening shot is from the last link, H B Cermamics, I am utterly in love  and had better discover that illusive money tree in order to expand my treasure collection. 
Today I’ve spent hours in my local garden centre and returned home with a rainbow of new plants, I fear I was very much like a child in a sweet shop with so much beauty, so much magic! 

I know I’ve written about my garden before, but it astounds me each time a new, how healing, how invigorating it feels to spend time out there. It is at last becoming a garden fit for a goddess.

And of course I have been spending plenty of time with my gorgeous pusses, who are clearly enjoying the novelty of barmy warm days and nights, freshly cut grass  as well as the opportunity to have their humans  serve them many hours a day. Thus I leave you with a picture of my Shadow cat, curiously exploring my camera lens.


  1. Have a joyful weekend! I can feel your happiness coming through the post.

  2. Auntie Moon... what a fabulous title! I'd love that too :)

    And I know just what you mean about the garden being such a healing place...I feel just the same.
    If I'm having a bad day I can go out to the garden & spend an hour planting seeds & just feel completely refreshed :)