Sunday, 5 December 2010

Painting, painting and more painting!

Hello lovely friends, my blogging seems to have become a little haphazard of late as most of my creative time is being taken up with painting even more journal pages for the Sketchbook Project. I am still dreadfully behind but carrying on regardless :) 

Here are some of my latest creations, I hope you enjoy them...

(The inspiration for this came from a fab postcard sent to me 
by the lovely Lis of Dandelion Seeds and Dreams)


  1. Wow! You have been busy! I love them all!

  2. Such creativity, Milena! I love the "Go with the Flow" and (of course) the "Let it Snow" - all are so colorful and uplifting. Keep drawing...

  3. Gosh! You have been busy, Milena! I particularly like the snowmen and 'When all else fails...'. :)

  4. Hi Milena,
    I'm just passing here, and found your beautiful site!
    Very nice and creative painting!
    I really enjoy them.
    Thanks for sharing.

    regards from South East Asia,

  5. Milena,it looks as though you are thoroughly enjoying this project, its a wonderful feeling to be able to be free & creative isn't it. i especially love the friendship tea. Thank you for visiting & leaving such a sweet message on my 5 blog. x ruthie

  6. What rock have I been under? I cannot believe I missed all this juicy goodness! Wonderful journal pages and as others have noted, so uplifting and inspiring. It is all about shifting our perspective, isn't it?

    I guess I was buried under painting all my pages! I had to be a real task master over winter break and got quite a lot done ... but still have 4 more spreads to finish PLUS the blasted cover!! And, of course, I have pages I did thinking "I can come back later and add on ..." HA.

    Good luck my dear friend ... I hope our journals sit side by side until we can do so in the flesh :)

    xo Lis