Friday, 12 March 2010


My latest piece of doodling! I started with the idea that I wanted to draw a bird as I have never attempted this before and ended up with an entire rainbow of them! The text is an old chinese proverb, which I love very much.


  1. That is beautiful! A real little community! I love your birds x

  2. So cheerful and colorful - it makes me smile.

  3. i am loving in a very big way your doodles! this one is especially sweet and right now our robins have returned for spring and i hear them singing their hearts out in the early morning hours. too bad the poor things had SNOW dumped on them the other day!

    i think you need to write a bit about your doodle art process ... mine always end up as vines and leaves ... i would love to let my doodles break out into birds and song :)

    xxo lis

  4. just found your blog, I really love it! and your doodles!

  5. Love your doodlings so much!

    And the proverb is true and beautiful ♥

  6. these birds make ME sing!
    love them. x