Saturday, 6 February 2010


This is my final piece of artwork for the mind/body/spirit course 'Radiant Goddess' created by the lovely goddesses Leonie and Sone. The last three weeks have been a rollercoaster ride of new experiences, leaving me feeling so much more alive, both inside and out. With a mixture of a raw food approach to eating, making movement fun and nourishing the spirit through creativity, this course has been amazing and I am very sorry indeed that today is the last day. I have learned so many tools to keep in my medicine bag so that I may continue my radiance :) If you want to find out more just click on the Goddess Guidebook link on the left of this post.


  1. What an intricate drawing - so much to see. I'm glad the Goddess is smiling!

  2. I already commented on your goddess school page, but I absolutely love this piece! And now you need to write a poem/piece to accompany it.

    wasn't it just amazing how much we could do in 3 weeks? I am shocked by how many positive changes I've seemingly integrated into my life. I hope they stick! Not sure when I will drink a cup of coffee though ... a goddess needs a vice or two, doesn't she?

    shine on radiant one!
    love ya-