Sunday, 15 November 2009


Over the last couple of months I have been reading the most amazing trilogy about an ancient magical community, thriving in modern day England, named Stonewylde. It is indeed to become a pentology and I simply cannot wait to let my imagination roam free again in this glorious natural place, unspoiled by modern day pollution of every kind, where nature and ancient pagan traditions are honored for the good of the land and its community.

The author, Kit Berry, has such a magical talent of weaving delicious language into a plot so rich, with many tangled strands. The brilliance of the story line is that although the land with its traditions are pure and honored, the minds of the human beings, which inhabit the land, are much more complex. There are many contrasts in Stonewylde; of natural power against manufactured, of nature against nurture, of the rich against a hard working class, of violence against a peaceful existance, of love against hate. The outcomes of these contrasts are not always clear cut, for human beings rarely are, and the honesty of this shines through brilliantly.

The main story line is of a prophecy declared by an old wise woman of Stonewylde, claiming that the birth of a special boy named Yul at a most magical time, will mean the downfall of his power hungry father, the Magus of Stonewylde. The Magus is blessed with the earth energy of the land, and it is his role to lead and take care of his people. However, the current Magus, although driven in his vision of creating a sustainable and developed Stonewylde, is also power hungry; his need for control is so strong that he takes much pleasure in the pain of others. Thrown into the mix is a young girl, Sylvie, who enters the community by invitation, having been poisoned by the outside world, both physically and mentally. Through Stonewylde she reclaims her life source, her energy and love for life is restored and indeed she learns that she is a conduit for the moon’s energy, another vital source of life for Stonewylde. She, as a moongazy girl, is a vital key to the prophecy through her power and her love for Yul, but I will not say more than this for fear of giving away events and therefore the suspense,which Kit creates so skillfully.

I have great admiration for Kit Berry, as she is not only a wonderful writer, but has such drive to promote her creation. The books are self published and she puts in an amazing amount of time and energy to give the wonders of Stonewylde to as many audiences as she can possibly reach. Not only this but she has created an online community for lovers of her books, which is warm and welcoming like few other online meeting places I have come across.
Here are the links to find out more about Stonewylde and the Stonewylde community:


  1. Think I'm going to have to check these out!

  2. Hi Milena - just discovered your lovely blog via Google alert, because you mentioned Stonewylde. Thanks for a wonderful review! Please may I quote you? You write so eloquently and I'm off to buy the book about Lily right now, thanks to your recommendation. I don't know if you've seen, but I'm currently giving away a limited number of free copies of Magus of Stonewylde (a marketing promotion) so you just pay for P&P. If any of your blog readers are interested they can find the offer on my website. Bright blessings to you, dear Milena, and thanks again for the lovely review of Stonewylde! Kit xx

  3. Hi Kit, I feel so honored that you enjoyed my review; you have made a rubbish day so much better! Of course you may quote me. I hope you enjoy getting to know Lily as much as I did. I will mention your giveaway gladly.
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  4. thank you milena for the lovely comment on my blog, and thank you for this link to, i am intrigued by these books, they sound just the sort of read i love ! have a fab weekend * ruthie