Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I am writing at long last

Having promised myself to take my writing seriously this summer I am proud to say that I am actually doing so. I thought I would blog some of writing exercises to send my words into the technological universe, it can only be a good thing! Today's piece is based on my three very different cat's thoughts of this rainy summer's morning.

Let me out. Those wet drops that fall from above are my favourite game, I like to race in between each one and catch them with my tongue. I am sat here quite still, not fighting with that little black cat who tried to usurp my position as king of this castle (he didn’t succeed and is now a loyal follower), I’m not bothering with intense old lady cat, even though it is so tempting to pounce on her tail as she swishes it from side to side so invitingly. I am here my human beings, by the towering window that magically slides open to reveal lush grass, drenched, whispering at me to nibble it. Look, I have sunk my head on my lovable paws, my eyes are as wide open as I can possibly stretch them, I am even purring for goodness sake, a last resort. Hearing the pitter patter is like thousands of mice tapping on the glass, teasing me to play. Let me out.

Warm. Soft. Safe. Full tummy. Content. Sleep...What’s that? Rattling in the food room. Food?

Hello...is anybody listening to me? I can’t possibly squeak any higher. Hello? I need to find those tall ones, I like the man best but the other one will do in a needing my ears to be scratched emergency like this. The other two that look like me are so very boring this morning, no mischief to be had there. Tap. Tap. TAP! Nothing. Come on dudes, where’s the race? I need something to do. Crouch behind the door, ready to pounce on soft covered feet, ooh yes swinging off the material covering the female ones legs. Hurry up, waiting...

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  1. Gorgeous photos of the cats! Welcome to blog land and I hope you have a wonderful summer full of writing x